Monday, January 27, 2014

What's it Like: Shoes at the Door

This part of the European culture is one that wasn't totally normal for us, but one that we have happily embraced. It was something we did from time to time in the US. Particularly if we had walked in from the rain, or if we visited someone with light colored carpets. But it didn't always happen.

When you enter a home here (and in all parts of Europe we've visited so far), take your shoes off! Typically, there is a spot in the entry for shoes. It might be a shoe rack, a closet, rug, cabinet, or maybe just an area of the floor. But be sure to kick off your skoene (yep, that's your shoes!) before you proceed into someone's home.

We really do like this practice. It helps tremendously in keeping the floors clean. I guess it has become pretty normal for us, because we were watching an American TV show the other day and I missed out on what was going on because I was shocked at the lady walking around the living room in her shoes!


  1. we have the same practice in Canada. we always take our shoes off when we enter the house. most of the people even have some extra slippers for their guests.

  2. We do it here (in the US) because with six kids my floors would be covered in filth (probably several inches deep!).