Sunday, January 11, 2015

Christmas Cheer Wrap-up / Feedback Request

Below is a quick rundown of the Christmas Cheer blog posts.

I am trying to think of some new themes to write about in the coming months. Do you have any ideas? Any suggestions or requests? As I mentioned in an earlier post (here), I want to be more open about the struggles I face, whether that be as a mom, a wife, an expat, or from another facet of life. So from time to time I will be sharing things along those lines. But are there other topics that might be of interest? Let me know!

Christmas Cheer Blog Posts:
  1. Part 1
  2. Part 2: Oslo 
  3. Part 3: Decorated Trees
  4. Part 4: Sandefjord Corner Boutique
  5. Part 5: Coca-Cola Santa
  6. Part 6: Christmas in Jail?
  7. Part 7: Santa's little helpers
  8. Part 8: Nisser on our cups
  9. Part 9: Jul med Ika
  10. Part 10: Stars
  11. Part 11: Knitting Christmas
  12. Part 12: Christmas Music
  13. Part 13: Bergen Windows
  14. Part 14: White Christmas
  15. Part 15: Bryggen i Bergen
  16. Part 16: Early Christmas
  17. Part 17: A bit more of Oslo
  18. Part 18: Quick and Easy Craft
  19. Part 19: Sometimes it's Tough
  20. Merry Christmas from Sandefjord

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