Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Teenager?!?!

Seems like only yesterday, he was a tiny little blonde-headed boy who struggled to reach the sink to brush his teeth. But suddenly, we have a teenager on our hands. Who, by the way, is now taller than his mom. Crazy.

What a blessing our William is, to our family and to others. He is kind and patient, a good friend and a natural leader. We pray that as he continues to grow in stature, he will also continue to grow in wisdom and knowledge of His Savior.

We had a fun weekend celebrating our teen. Saturday we were at a camp at the border of Norway and Sweden with friends.

So Sunday (his actual birthday), we drove further into Sweden for an overnight trip in Göteborg/Gothenburg.

At his request, we had burgers at Hard Rock for lunch.

We walked around the city, did a bit of shopping, and enjoyed frappucinos.

And we finished the day with burritos at Wrapped Burrito Bar - probably the best burritos we've had since leaving the states!

 Then back to our room for some gifts...

And on our way home on Monday, we stopped and explored a really cool fortress.

Yeah, we aren't so good with the jumping pictures!

Happy 13th Birthday, William!

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  1. Here's a Swedish tv show which shows hidden Swedish secrets. This episode is about Bohus fästning: